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The sunniest Winter is the Sea Mountain PlaySun Exeperience – Guests from all over the World come to the SUN to see one of Earth’s most Sensual and Sunhine filled experiences.

Thanks for making your B#RN event a complete sell-out! We apologize for those who could not get in on Saturday night We Dew Love You!

Sea Mountain Nude Lefestyles Spas

Hot Mineral Waterworld P!NK Events
The Lifestyles Takeover Las Vega$ Sea Mountain And California

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Sea Mountain Nude Lefestyles Spas

The pools are heated steaming hot for your Nude baths and sinful beautiful guests –
Immerse your nude body in 93-degree hot mineral water pools as the SMI staff attends to each of your food and beverage needs –

The Sauna is warm –
Indoor SKIN and Dharma play rooms inside with hot indoor and outdoor fires The sunniest weather in the USA – Our temps are getting near 80 on some days – A vacation of love and honor –

Plush robes and slippers for your warmth to bathe your soft and nude skin –
All day and night each day of the year.

Sea Mountain Nude Lefestyles Spas

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Sea Mountain Nude Lefestyles Spas
Sea Mountain Wood fires, Hot waters, and lifestyles. Sexual freedom with earth’s natural warm nude mineral water.
Sea Mountain Inn spaclub DayClub EveClub Lifestyle Spa is open every day and every night of the year. Many people from around the world find the winter months the best time to come to the remarkable safe clean and awarded heaven of Sea Mountain Spa. With daily temperature the warmest in the Western USA and the main mineral water pool heated to 92 degrees SMI is a Winter wonderland, plush robes, fireplace, sauna, 99 degree mineral water hot tub, fire pits and more make the evening of Sea Mountain Spa some of the most magical comfortable our door experiences in the USA

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Sea Mountain Nude Lifestyles Spas New Years Eve


at Sea at YOUR Sea Mountain Inn and DayClub, California The pools are all over 92 degrees and the spring weather continues as our eastern allies freeze in the snow. You arrive in a night lounge, a nude spa, a lifestyles event every f@cking day and night of the year. Elegance opulence upscale encounters with the highest end art tunes and YOU

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New bookings only – 24-hour notice required – Not retroactive – Holidays and events excluded (for all above offers)

Bliss and kiss
760-251-4744 Palm Springs
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Sea Mountain Nude Lifestyles Spa

December 8 – 13
Erotika DAYDream International Fest Love and Lifestyles as seen in GQ
NO judgment on body or person at Sea Mountain love alt theme park – from ages 21 to 89 we are here for YOU Erotika Lifestyles Over Sun Cali. The Upscale Decadence and Positive Sin. A complete nude spa specialty – It’s sensual CARNIVALS The days of sun, tunes and nude sinning – Performing in the sun too – It’s the HOTTIES Take over – The sexy couples and women from Lifestyles clubs from NY to Miami and The Bay area enjoying a week of l#st and peace and strutting their gorgeous selves – Ah the cute, the hot and the none too vain – All in a nude Zen – One of the most eclectic times – Almost sold out. Look for a gathering of sun and fun with the up-scale Zen that makes Sea Mountain one of the world’s most unique experiences. What’s your favorite lingerie ware? Ready to dress up and then dress down? This weekend for those who dare to bare, Eves are rockin’ – You got it so flaunt it, That unique outfit in the eves – What is it? Your clothes are gone, your mind is blistering in retreat. The waters are taking you far away. Mix with friends of the lifestyles and lingerie and others descending from many states. Can you handle it? yes, it’s your most upscale vacation 760-251-4744.

December 14 – 20
SUGAR H20 Beauties Revenge Hot Water World Las Vega$ and Caliente California
Lifestyles Week the Hot Mineral Water Screaming H2O Water World Lingerie and Less – Beauties Revenge The annual hot mineral water event and rave as seen in Esquire. It’s the wet parties. H20 Heavens to Screaming O Takeover. Earth’s best Hot water pools and fire and heat as the best warm weather in the Western half of the USA – Visitors spanning the globe. Annual treks and events. It’s a gathering unlike all others- As the sun shines down this week it will hit warm, degrees in sunny California – The pools are open all evening and the sensual event begins with our sinsational female DJs! Over 100 lovers are descending from planes and autos into the Zen that you know as Sea Mountain Spa – Get your tan on, get your groove on and get on top of the one you love. – Incredible weather and stars – new friends and more! Lingerie and less Saturdays. It’s the SUN LOVERS lifestyle event with many lifestyle websites! It’s time for the Lifestyle Revolution Evolution at Sea Mountain.

December 21 – 27
B@bes in Toyland Las Vega$ B@bes in Toyland and SMI Hot Water Fire Events
VIP $200 DISCOUNT BOOK BY DECEMBER 10 – USE 87DEWE (new bookings only, not retroactive) – THE MOST SENSUAL XXXMAS EVENTS ALMOST SOLD OUT. This is the week of complete lifestyles with food and drinks included each day and the warmest sunniest weather in the Western USA- You miss you sun now come into the sunlight and bathe in the warm waters. With fires burning day and night and the Main Mineral water love pool set at 95 steaming degrees and 100-degree mineral water hot tub and DJs and Our Europeans descending on Americas Beacon of Freedom.

Sea Mountain Nude Lifestyles Spa
December 30 – 31
The Most Amazing NYE on Earth
Nude Vega$ Nude California
The SexManiacs Costume Balls on December 31

Sea Mountain Nude Lifestyles Spa New Yesrs Eve

The Newest SMI is coming AND PALM SPRINGS – TWO MECCAS OF THE MOST EPIC NUDE NYE IN THE HOT WATERS AND FIRES OF SEA MOUNTAIN NYE (New Year’s Eve) Lingerie Ball – As seen in worlds most amazing event MAXIM – it’s a lingerie costume lingerie contest with $5000 worth or prizes – Amazing fires, celebrities and the only lifestyles event that really is about love. NYE (New Years Eve) Lingerie Ball – as seen in MAXIM – it’s a costume lingerie contest with $3500 worth or prizes – Amazing fires – 7 DEADLY SINS: WE WILL INDULGE IN ALL 7

Yes dear friends, already half sold out for the most dramatic rage on this planet New Years Eve events with SATURDAYS Ultra Lifestyles Event and Saturday the NYE event of the Nude spa World. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and unlimited beverages, seafood frenzy, vegan rices, fireworks show, steaks. Late eves costume lingerie parade 24 event. The most upscale night of the year hot water mineral water and wood burning fires pits all eve. Call now! 760-251-4744.

Sea Mountain Nude Lifestyles Spa New Yesrs Eve
January 5 – 10
Steam – The annual hot water events of over 25 countries descending into the playground – Steam @ SMI The Hot Water and Fire Events – Lingerie and Less
Lingerie and Less Goddess Burning BIWOMEN Vacation Paradise… OMG look out Saturday Its Deweyland Sea Mountain lifestyles park where you and your love create the Theme rides of the future. It’s a human App for your iBody where your iSoul is coming – Sea Mountain Nude Spa and lifestyles Inn has the warmest weather on this side of the United States and adults only takeover unlike all else. Chill out with this almost sold out event! Hot friends and clubs from Europe, Miami and South America are converging in a sensual water world of sun. Look for some games with some of the most fantastic people on the planet. If you get this invite you are welcome to attend this up-scale event. Lifestyles warm water – Almost sold out 760-251-4744 Saturday Night is the Bi Women Burning!

January 12 – 16
Summer C@mp In Winter the Lifestyles Takeover swing month at C@mp SMI Summer C@MP for adults ONLY Las Vega$ Nevada and Palm Springs Heaven
Winter Edition the Lifestyles Takeovers with the Best Sunshine on this Western USA Summer C@mp for Adults Only Returns to Sea Mountain Spa Summer C@mp for Adults Only Returns to Sea Mountain Spa. The pool parties and sun worship with the world’s largest lifestyle site with the most amazing couples from all over the world – Time to bond with your new friends. Remember C@mp? Bonding with your new best friends, leaving your old life behind, and creating a new persona? This is your week of Zensin at SMI. Dress to impress it’s Sexy Shoes Nights and the pole all day and all night – Today is Yours – 760-251-4744

January 19 – 24
with friends from Hedo and Desire in the annual USA gathering of the lifestyles with the best western USA weather a total lifestyles all inclusive experience with guests.

January 25 – 30 Las Vega$ and California
HALLOWEEN IN WINTER the 7th annual event as seen in PL@YBOY The Main Event is January 28
– Halloween winter Wonderland event JANUARY 28 HALLOWEEN CUMS AGAIN TO SEA MOUNTAIN NIGHT DAY LOVECLUB. Winters largest event its HALLOWEEN AGAIN… Winters largest event its HALLOWEEN AGAIN… AGAIN! FULL MEALS and beverages! ALL INCLUSIVE AND $3000 WORTH OF PRIZES! It’s Halloween all over again. An amazing week already half full. Halloween Haunt On Jan 22! The Event of the Winter! It’s HALLOWEEN AGAIN – our annual winter Halloween Event with prizes and costumes look for over 120 happy beautiful guests just like YOU — Get that costume together can get ready for 2022 biggest costume event. The costume event of the year — Lifestyle takeover Costume Ball. You asked for it – As the every lifestyles site takeover ends en masse Saturday January 22th we are doing Halloween all over again! Costumes and open bar and over $3000 in prizes! Breakfast, lunch, dinner and beverages – Tons of decorations and a costume event with dozens of the funniest Halloweenies guests on earth. Get your COSTUME OUT NOW.

February 1 – 8
Cirque Du Sexualis – Escapade the Las Vega$ and Palm Springs ultra experience
with couples from 15 countries gathering for some of the earths most beautiful sunshine and lifestyles lingerie and less – daytime food and beverages all inclusive days – World class upscale takeovers, a lifestyles intensive annual – Lifestyles Takeovers – PURGATORY!! – Your lifestyles friends from all over the world are taking over the Pools! Between Heaven and Hell – (some rooms open to you our VIP) – You know its an event for those who want to go the extra mile — One of the top rated events – This was a celebrity takeover and they decided to open it up to the first 20 – It’s your day! now its time to play Between Heaven and Hell of a good time. -The takeover of Lifestyles and gorgeous nights with the SMI 52 hour pool and spa event – Days of Heaven Nights of SIN – Events sexy DJs and groups from northern California – New York and Europe making the annual migration to the worlds most sensual palace – This event is almost sold out.

February 9 – 15
Cupids Maniacs Balls in Las Vega$ and California Saturday the 11th – The most Amazing Valentines event in the World
Valentines Love events at Sea Mountain Nude Spa Love – February 11th is our LOVE and Valentines event with the open bar and all meals and massive lingerie event. It’s time for Love at Sea Mountain Inn Spa and Inn, Desert Hot Springs California. Join our guests from all over the world for the week of heat at Sea Mountain This weekend it’s the infamous Red wear — Come in the warm fires in Red or wear your Red shoes and nothing else. LOVE: the annual event returns to Sea Mountain Lifestyles SPA / – LOVE at the Sea Mountain Inn – One of the most attended weeks of the awesome lingerie and less costume parade and sunshine pool parties – Love is you – Love is US – SMI always guarantees one of the most packed nights and days of the year. It’s time for Love at Sea Mountain Inn Spa and Inn, Desert Hot Springs California. Join our guests from all over the world for the week of heat at Sea Mountain. This weekend its the infamous lingerie parade and sexual costumes with over $4000 in prizes — Come in the warm fires. THE LOVE EVENT VALENTINES EXPLOSIONS!

February 12th
Watch the Big G@me nude in the Taboo Gardens Lounge. that really is about love.

Call Now! 760-251-4744 | Las Vega$ 702-859-9460
Remember to book your SMI MASSAGES early as we have Earth’s greatest healers on the property for Spacation unlike any other 760-251-4744


Click here for the latest Sea Mountain world views of Palm Springs Sea Mountain Spa and the Las Vega$ Nude Temple.
Sea Mountain Nude Lifestyles Spa


Look for a large pool and the world’s largest USA lifestyles mineral water spa pool, Witness all new play lands and decadent pool side cabanas and day beds event spa cabanas and all the love in the same way of the original SMI Malibu and SMI Beverly Hills and SMI Desert Hot Springs.

December and January are bringing some of our largest sexy crowds due to the amazing sunny days and our hot mineral water pools.
December and January are lifestyles Months so please book early for your winter vacation of warm sunny love.

Nude Years Eve Events – The Most Erotica NYE on Earth
Las Vega$ and Palm Springs – Two Meccas of the Most Epic Nude NYE in the Hot Waters and Fires and Clubs of Sea Mountain NYE (New Year’s Eve)
Lingerie Ball – As seen in worlds most erotica event MAXIM – it’s a lingerie costume lingerie contest with $3500 worth or prizes – Amazing fires

Sea Mountain Nude Lifestyles Spa

Sea Mountain Nude Lifestyles Spa

Sea Mountain Lifestyles Temple Las Vega$

Look for new Sea Mountains opening soon!